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Pathology and Labarotory

Jordan Hospital Laboratories provide services for inpatients and outpatients 24/7. The labs are run by a team of experienced highly skilled professionals. We value and respect our customers, providing accurate results in a timely manner. The whole Lab is fully automated and all the instruments are directly connected to the Lab computer to transfer results automatically once they are approved by technicians, thus preventing transcription errors. All sections of the Lab participate in Internal and External international Quality Control Programs. The following are the different departments that provide the services:


Reception area is spacious to provide a friendly atmosphere to our outpatients. The process is organized to ensure smooth flow and patients’ privacy during the process of blood collection which is performed by highly experienced phlebotomists. The patients have the option to receive copies of their results by Fax, email or WhatsApp.


The department is fully equipped with state of the art fully automated analyzers with a rapid turnover of results. All the analyzers have at least one backup in case of instrument failures.


The same principles apply to hematology in regards to instruments and quality control. In addition to routine tests, the department performs advanced coagulation test. Special studies such as blood film evaluation, hemoglobin electrophoresis, and bone marrow studies are supervised by a highly qualified experienced pathologist. The department provides also well organized and safe Blood Bank services to our inpatients.


The department provides a wide range of endocrine and immunologic tests, the vast majority of which are fully automated. The results are monitored by experienced supervisor and technicians. Internal and external quality control is a part of the daily routine of the department.


The department is run by an experienced supervisor. Blood cultures and most of the routine cultures are performed on automated machines that perform also antibiotic sensitivity test. The department performs also cultures for Tuberculosis. The department participates in an external proficiency testing program.

Body Fluids:

The department provides testing for body fluids such as urine, pleural, peritoneal, and other body fluids. It provides also testing for semen and stools.


The department is fully equipped to perform routine histopathology, cytopathology, automated immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence. The department provides also frozen section service for patients to help surgeons make accurate decisions during surgery. The department is run by an experienced consultant pathologist.

Outpatient Lab:

This extension of the main hospital lab is located in the basement of the outpatient Medical Center (B1). It provides lab testing for our outpatients. All the quality and administrative principles of the main hospital lab apply to the outpatient lab. It provides also Molecular testing for infectious and Genetic diseases, in addition to tissue typing for kidney transplant program.

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