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Obstetric and Gynecology

Fertility Medicine (IVF)

General Overview

Fertility Center – Jordan Hospital Welcome to the Fertility Center, Jordan’s most advanced center for treating delayed pregnancy and IVF. We are also part of Jordan Hospital, the largest and best-equipped private hospital in Amman, to provide comprehensive care in all medical and surgical specialties.

Because your success is our success, we are committed to excellence;

Dr. Khaldoun Al-Sharif and the Fertility Center team believe that the best way to help our patients is by providing distinguished services of high quality, based on several foundations available in our center.

Why choose our Unrivaled global experience:

Dr. Khaldoun Al-Sharif, the director of the center, is one of world-renowned infertility and IVF doctors, as he has more than 130 books between scientific and medical research and books, and his practical experience in this field extends to several years, where he worked as director of Birmingham University Hospital for Women and Obstetrics and Head of the Fertility Unit at the University of Birmingham in Britain for 20 years before returning to Jordan. Dr. Khaldoun personally supervises all steps of treatment in the center.

Our center’s embryologists’ experts are distinguished by advanced experience and high skills in diagnostic, therapeutic, and genetic laboratory procedures. We are always keen to provide them with the latest scientific laboratory techniques and practical training to provide the best care for our patients and their fetuses.

Our nurses have long experience and sensitivity in professional and human dealing with patients with delayed pregnancy and are aware of their medical and psychological needs.

We are proud to have the best technologies and follow the highest scientific standards. The results of our work depend on the quality of the techniques used. Therefore, we spare no effort or cost, whether it is related to the best embryo culture solutions, the latest embryo incubators, or the most accurate laser devices.

Individualized treatment and care:

Every person is different, and every situation is unique. Therefore, to achieve the highest success rate for you, we ensure that your treatment program is individualized and compatible with your specific case. In addition, all your visits to our center, whether for reviews, ovulation monitoring, egg retrieval, embryo return, or pregnancy follow-up, will be with Dr. Khaldoun Al Sharif, the director of the center, in person. We know that you want to deal with the same and most experienced doctor.

All your needs in one place:

We have provided you with everything you need for treatment under one roof to ensure your comfort, including the outpatient clinic, ovulation monitoring, operating rooms, embryology laboratory, pharmacy, hormone laboratory, and radiology department. Even delivery rooms are available; our outlook is always optimistic.

Highest success rates:

 In the presence of all these factors, the natural outcome is that our patients obtain the highest rates of success known globally. 

Fertility Medicine Doctors